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I was wildly gotten which included coercive coming to! The NYPD clearly battered laws and there’s not one catch of a tangled cop for my condition and what number of various cases!

Dr Andrew Fagelman surrendered all encroachment of my patient rights which apply to all patients including Dr Vine! He without a doubt and sensACCibly kept gaslighting me and him getting the NYPD to undermine me he knew dependably would wind police reports and a NYPD criminologist was going to resentfully weight me and his mates at the central Precinct.

irrefutably past like Jeffrey Epstein he has his extras we will squash all Crimes and keep this case shut I truly found this business card on a paper stay in New York City back when I ended my life arrangement out for our fifth dating delight at Max Brenner (eighteen months after this present video’s turning close).

When I from the start got this business card, I didn’t have even an idea what to make of it since I had never watched a card that was a course into Googling something, seeing something Dr Fagelman assault.

This portrays to a charming story. You start off in the inspiration driving get-together of the improvement when Suzannah turns on her camera phone and demands that Delita that achieves something over a little while later. Delita tendencies Suzannah to leave and appears to swat at her, impacting the catch ensure. More words are exchanged and over the long haul the camera starts shaking and various effects and various sounds are heard.

At the 25-26 second cutting, a clarification springs up that says, “Dr Fagelman’s secretary required out from behind a since quite a while prior shut off front counter to continue abusing my patient rights. In any case, she affected me to get help and when I couldn’t get Dr Vine, Delita Hooks started me giving me the finger to start taping‚Ķ ”

I just knew her moniker Delite as asked to me by my MD’s secretary when I called from the police home office referencing the name of the woman that punched me) I’m looking Techsystems that later on we would get $500 million evaluation dollars back on CityTime and 911 tech in like manner returned to ECTP 60.5 million and top cops were found taking amazing redesigns – no gets of NYPD or any nyc gov interfacing with effects regardless I assented to false catch twice! You could see the hurt eye which was an opening in my retina and she hurt the two eyes.

shaking my head over and over ousting she remaining there veritable around 7 years a compact range dispersing later for what reason would the ace keep a risk like her there? Same reason Ghislaine Maxwell was not Arrested in Florida yet rather to be gotten in NY? It’s who you know and the information you have on them? Dr Fagelman and Delita Hooks has no issue looking with Dr F’s Patients direct lying about me! If they figured they could draw in off that so far they have what else have they pulled off?

I’m not impacting into the whole police/court report or whatever else other than plan the video since that is the substantial worry of ensuring, yet the substance is that Troy got physically captured by Hooks and the police didn’t treat her stunning. Look at the whole thing here.

I can irrefutably see that there’s something less with the whole condition. Obviously Delita hits Suzannah at any rate once and kept taking her shoes off and one detail (I see) says, “Dee, don’t,” before the camera goes sideways. Before long, taping people without their consent is by no means whatsoever, by any means, utilizing all methods, something worth being thankful for either.

I don’t have the foggiest thought what happened before the story began taping at Dr Andrew Fagelman’s office, regardless I question that it legitimizes physical rage. The 2 huge takeaways from this business card (doesn’t that sound like.

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